If it’s remotely possible, FieldNet can do it!

  • Manage pivots and laterals
  • Manage pumps
  • Integrate plug and play sensors

Stay informed and make adjustments on the fly with next generation FieldNet. Providing the most comprehensive options to remotely control entire irrigation systems – from pivots and laterals to pumps and sensors – FieldNet includes the only wireless management tool with an app on both major smartphone and tablet platforms. That means that at any time throughout the crop lifecycle, growers can see what their systems are doing and control them from virtually anywhere using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Fast and user friendly, FieldNet provides integrated water, fertiliser, and chemigation solution with remote control of pivots, laterals, end guns, injectors and pumps, and the ability to monitor and record everything from water and energy usage to rainfall and temperature. It all adds up to less time in the field, less spent on valuable resources, and greater control of your operations.


For non Lindsay Zimmatic irrigators, there’s a retrofit option. Bringing all your irrigation systems into one easy to use, technologically advanced interface.

By retrofitting an existing system with Pivot Control, you gain the advantages of FieldNET by Lindsay’s web and mobile capabilities, including real-time alerts.

Full remote control of pivots, pumps and injectors, and monitoring sensors.

  • GPS positioning for precision irrigation
  • Compatible with almost any pivot
  • Basic variable rate irrigation (VRI) with up to 360 sectors.

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