The vast majority of Tasmania’s specialised orchard and vineyard operators rely on irrigation water to assist with plant growth and fruit production. To become more water efficient, orchardists and viticulturists are continually adopting more sophisticated micro-irrigation systems of drip and spray. These systems allow the required volume of water to be applied directly to the root zone thus minimising water run-off and wastage which optimises growth and production.

We strongly recommend that farmers looking to establish a new orchard or vineyard, or looking to upgrade their current irrigation system, strongly consider Roberts Irrigation for advice on which system best suits your needs taking into account soil an crop type, planting density, water quality and budget.

Roberts Irrigation has the capacity to design, supply and install pumps, filters, mainlines and micro spray or drip emitters into any horticulture or viticulture application in Tasmania.

Roberts Irrigation design and sell a full range of leading brand micro sprinklers and drip irrigation systems to suit any horticultural or viticultural application. From a manual operating valve system to a fully automated remote control system inclusive of frost protection, we have the capacity to design, supply, install and maintain a watering system that meets your current and anticipated needs.

Our sales staff have the experience, local knowledge and industry expertise to confidently recommend micro sprinklers and drip irrigation solutions for any application.