Growsmart Precision VRI allows you to apply exactly the right amount of water to specific areas of your crop providing you with full control to maximise yields and profitability. Integrated with FieldNET this system offers a complete remote pivot management, with VRI control, monitoring and reporting.

Precision VRI provides growers with powerful benefits including record crop yields, increased crop production and significant irrigation water savings through the implementation of an intelligent Precision VRI system.

  • Trials have demonstrated water savings of up to 27% on dairy and field crops
  • Water savings can be achieved by matching irrigation application to soil characteristics, and to avoid watering unproductive land such as waterways and wetlands
  • Decreased power consumption results in energy savings
  • It has been shown that a Precision VRI system can pay for itself within one irrigation season

You should consider a Precision VRI if you have:

  • Different crops or non-crop areas under irrigation
  • Varying soil types and high run-off areas
  • Low land areas prone to getting wet and boggy
  • Obstacles such as buildings, tracks, drains and roads under your pivot
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • The ability to apply fertigation and/or effluent through your pivot

For more information on how a Growsmart Precision VRI system can help you, please contact one of our experienced sales staff.


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