Centre pivot and lateral moving irrigation systems are one of the most effective ways in which farmers can increase their pasture and crop production whilst using less water. Improved agronomic conditions, reduced deep drainage, and lower labour requirements are some additional benefits of installing a centre pivot or lateral moving irrigation system.

Roberts Irrigation is the leading sales, service and warranty dealer for Zimmatic Centre Pivot and Lateral moving irrigators in Tasmania. A leader in innovation for more than 55 years, Zimmatic (by Lindsay) provides growers with a high-performing irrigation system. We employ certified irrigation designers with the skills and experience required to design you a system which best suits your soil characteristics, land size, shape and topography as well as meeting your budget expectations.



The 9500P centre pivot is the most durable, rugged, and long-lasting member of the Zimmatic pivot family. Ideally suited for the roughest terrain, the longest systems and applications that require the most robust pivot point and pipeline structure.

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The 7500P Small-Field Pivot provides a new option for growers- and a new way to cost-effectively irrigate smaller field up to 24 ha. With its smaller diameter pipeline of 11.4 cm and 3.2m crop clearance, the 7500P provides the height needed to irrigate taller crops, as well as strength you’ve come to expect from Zimmatic® by Lindsay irrigation systems. And at a lower cost per ha, the 7500P will help you maximize coverage while minimizing costs.

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The 9500MP mobile pivots allow growers to bring more acres into production while spreading equipment costs over separate fields. Farmers can irrigate from 10 acres up to a full quarter section (4.5 to 65 hectares) and then quickly move to a new location with minimum time and labour. Available with either 3 wheel and 4 wheel cart.

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Why Zimmatic Centre Pivots?


  • The ability to hedge against the weather
    •  Dry years
    • Spotty or sporadic moisture patterns
  • Irrigate day or night
  • Precision application of inputs
    • Regular and exact chemical/ fertilizer treatments
    • Reduced input costs
    • Timely application
    • Better nutrient management
  • Higher yields
  • Efficient use of water
    • Precise timing and measurement of water application
    • Custom systems based on field and crop requirements
  • Low operating cost per hectare
  • Higher returns
  • Yield consistency year after year
  • 20+ year life span
    • 8 year/8000 hour warranty on Centre Drives and gearboxes
    • 5 year warranty on FieldBoss panels
    • 5 year structural warranty
    • 20 year pro rata corrosion warranty
    • 20 year pipe warranty
    • VRI Integration directly through the BOSS panel and FIELDNET
    • Most advanced VRI system in the world