For more information on our range of Zimmatic Control products please read our product brochure.

The BASIC panel gives you easy, hand on pivot control. Its innovation design provides reliability that has been proven under the toughest operating conditions. Plus, easy to understand icons simplify operation.

With Zimmatic technology, the BASIC control panel sets the standard for manual operation. It’s intuitive and versatile – and easy to upgrade in the future.

VISION is a breakthrough in ease of use. This controller offers more powerful benefits than standard and basic controllers. The unique Vision Zone provides an easy to understand and comprehensive status of your pivot. Its graphic display shows you vital information about your pivot in just one glance. See the field boundary for your pivot and immediately know pivot location and proximity to boundaries or stops. This controller includes multilingual and metric capabilities. Ease and precision of use mean less trips to the paddock saving you time, water and labour costs.

Our top of the line irrigation management system helps you establish position accuracy and repeatability for precise control of irrigation, chemigation and other accessories – all crucial for resource conservation and increasing efficiency. Now’s the time to convert or upgrade your current irrigation control system to BOSS. The Zimmatic field position sensor combines absolute position technology with a sturdy mount for the best position system available. It includes multilingual and metric capabilities, it’s immune to induced voltage and noise, and it’s corrosion resistant and protected from the weather. BOSS even has a self diagnostic function to uncover problems and minimize downtime.